Top 12 Free Emails Without Phone Number Verification

Too many internet users are so possessive and unwilling to share their personal information with anyone. Are you one of them? If yes, then this blog post will definitely be an important help guide for you where you can learn how to access email without phone number

Can we be safe with only one email account?

Well, the question is interesting and most of the users are interested to get the answer.

As we know that most of the time whenever we try to access the internet, there are many websites or online portals where we need to sign in with our email account. As we have already mentioned earlier that most of us always want to protect our safety in this process.

So if we create our email with a phone number then somewhere it affects our security. Hence, most internet users are interested to know how to create an email without a phone number to feel safe.

So, we have created a list where users can create their email where they just have to provide their name and are able to create an email account easily without providing a phone number or any other personal details. Following this article will clear everything for you and also know the top 10 free email services to sign-up without phone number verification, so stay tuned with this article till the end.

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification



Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification is a famous portal where users can easily create their email account for free, they do not need to provide any personal credentials to create an account on One of the positive things about this platform is that by spending only 3-5 minutes users can create their account where they have to provide their name, email address, security question, and password to start the professional journey.

If we talk about your account recovery then you don’t need to provide any kind of phone number, only an alternate email address is provided and from there the user can easily recover his/her account by just spending few minutes.

No storage limit is imposed on the users, the attachment limit of 50MB needs to be adhered to.


Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

If you are seeking an end-to-end encryption email service where you are not required to provide your phone number or any other personal details, you can consider Tutanota which is the best mail in terms of security.

Tutanota provided up to 1 GB of free space for those who want to create a free account with it and you will be excited to know that there are no paid ads available even on the free services.

So for those who are fed up with ads and want a clean interface then Tutanota can be the best option for them.

Tutanota supports more than 20+ language support which is one of the important factors for all the users who belong to different regions.


#3 TempInbox

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

The third secure email platform we have featured in this article is “TempInbox”. It is known as one of the popular platforms where users can create an anonymous email account for free.

The User is not required to verify his/her phone number or anything else affecting the User from the point of view of security in order to generate an email on this Portal.

Sign-up link: 

This is one of the secure and quick registrations without a phone verification portal where you can get the desired username on the spot and it helps in keeping your primary inbox clean so that you do not feel any problem in accessing this mailbox.


#4 OpenMailBox

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

OpenMailBox is one of the popular email platforms which give its users a free anonymous email account with 5 GB of storage space. This OpenMailBox webmail service Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, etc.

To create an account on this platform users do not need to provide their phone number or any other credentials they can simply able to create their account just providing their name and some other account creation information.

If an OpenMailBox user wishes to send file attachments up to 500 MB in size in a single message, OpenMailbox can easily do that for you.  It is available in a variety of languages including  English, French, Irish, Italian, and Polish.


 #5 ProtonMail

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

One of the other secure and end-to-end encryption email creation portals is known as ProtonMail. It is a Switzerland-based email platform that allows, the user, to create an unlimited number of email accounts without having to provide a phone number or anything else that might affect you in terms of security.

It is one of those email platforms that a user can access on both iOS and Android apps as well, 150 emails per day are allowed for a single account and will get 500MB of free storage which is enough for a single user.

Sign-up link: 

One of the main features is that users can send password-protected or encrypted emails to other users and those emails will expire within a few days so that they cannot trace that email.


#6 Mailinator

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

Mailinator is quite unlike another email platform where users can create a public email address that can be available to all and if we can say in other words mailinator provides a unique email platform that is accessible to everyone and there is no sign-up or phone number verification required to access this services.

Sign-up link

But the user needs to keep in mind that they are not required to provide any important information on the Mailinator platform. By using Mailinator, user can keep your primary email and secondary email in different places and use it for different testing purposes

#7 Email on Deck

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

Email on Deck is one of the one-time-use email platforms where a user is not required to provide any security credentials which is similar to Guerrilla Mail. Most of the email users on deck are considering it as an alternative to Guerrilla Mail.

It is quite simple to use and users can create an email in just two steps, protection from spam is also available to the users.

Sign-up link: 

Most of the users are using this platform for bitcoin and other crypto-currency and it is known as one of the best for bitcoin and cryptocurrency usage.

#8 Mailnesia

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

Mailnesia is touted as a temporary password tool that is packed with a wide range of features. Using this platform the user can perform your email actions and then dispose of your email address.

To access this platform, users are not required to register with it. In Mailnesia, the HTML service is included and users will get an RSS channel for each mailbox. But using this users can receive email and not send it with Melanesia email account.

Sign-up link: 

#9 Guerrilla Mail

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

Guerrilla Mail is temporary and for one-time use. Users can create their account on Guerrilla Mail and with that, they can use it whatever they want and after that, they can settle your account in an easy way.

When creating an account with Guerrilla Mail, the user is not required to provide your phone number and no other details. All emails that you will send or receive to someone else may be automatically deleted after one hour. Since anonymous emails are in vogue, you can use this type of account on a temporary basis as well.

#10 Yandex

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

Yandex is one of the best translator build email platforms which allows users to create email without providing a phone numbers or other details. There is one personal account available on this platform at a time that is protected from viruses and other spam.

To register with Yandex users just need to follow the sign-up link and select “I don’t have a mobile phone” to not share their mobile number and then they will be able to create their account which is completely Safe and Spam-Free. Some useful features like virus protection, 10 GB free storage, e-card, keyboard shortcuts, customizable interface, and much more.

Sign up link: 


#11  Gmail

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

Here is a list of Gmail which is a Google product and is known as a secure and easy-to-use platform. This can be easily accessed by everyone.

And more than 1.8 billion users around the world are using its services which are completely free and users can easily create accounts on this platform wherever they want, no need to provide their phone number for security purposes.

If the user wants to protect his/her account later they can add his number or email account to increase the account security. Here, users will get a storage capacity of 15GB, which makes it perfect for both personal and business use.


#12 GMX Mail

Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification

GMX Mail is best known as a free ad-supported email service available through webmail as well as the IMAP4 and POP3 protocols provided by Global Mail eXchange (GMX). However, there is no restriction on storage space mentioned in GMX Mail, and no attachment limit of 50MB.

Creating an account with GMX Mail users only need to follow a few simple steps where they do not need to provide their phone number to verify their account with it. GMX Mail may ask for your alternate email credentials So if you are willing to share your email account then you can easily be able to create an account on this platform and be able to access the variety of its services.

To create an account, simply visit the GMX sign-up page and follow the instructions to register your account by providing all the details.



Final Note!

If protecting your security was important to you and you want to get the proper way to be able to create your account, then Top 12 Free Email without Phone Number Verification has certainly played an important role in creating an account for you.

It can be really helpful for you if you have read this article till the end, if there is still anything left then comment in the below section so that our top expert team will provide you with the best possible solution.

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